"...progress at closing the gender gap in employment significantly increases GDP, reduced income inequity and leads to higher incomes for men"

-Samantha Powers, former Ambassador to the UN under Obama,
in her pulitzer prize winning book The Education of an Idealist: A Memoir 

Scaling a Business with Heart: Sheryl O'Loughlin

Suz chats with Sheryl O’Loughlin who says there’s a dark side to entrepreneurship, but it’s possible to run a startup in a healthy, joyful way. In this conversation, we dive into Sheryl’s vast experience as a CEO, founder, mentor, and advisor to pull out key lessons she’s learned at critical moments in her career. Walk away with tips for launching and growing a successful business while maintaining a fulfilled life.

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Where Women Fall Behind at Work: The First Step Into Management

Well before the glass ceiling, women run into obstacles to advancement. Evening the odds early in their careers would have a huge impact.

An article by the Wall Street Journal

By Vanessa Fuhrmans

The conventional narrative of the ambitious woman at work goes something like this: Woman joins the workforce with big dreams. Over the years, she advances in her career alongside male colleagues. Yet on the way to the top, she hits an invisible barrier to the highest corridors of power.


How To Make Business (And Ourselves) Better


Sheryl O'Loughlin

The role of CEO is evolving, and the definition and job description varies wildly by industry and company. But after 20 years as an executive in the natural products industry, I know this: It is possible to be both a better leader and a better human. All industries are at a major turning point; we need to embrace this reality to ensure our future success.

Women are the majority in the United States; in about 25 years, people of color will be a majority, too. But I still see the same (mostly white, mostly male, mostly affluent and formally educated) people in charge. Our leadership needs to look like our consumer base to create lasting change. When the C-suite can empathize with its customers, change will not only trickle down but take root within an organization.

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